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Glow-In-The-Dark Paintings O Mine on EBay.

HOmage to a Zipper Head Saint.
Click Here to see the Auction Details

Fishman/Merman    Edsel Merman?
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The paints are high quality and glow in different colors...some longer than others.
Both are 9X12inches and are Acrylic on Canvas.

New blog entry on my Inner HaySeed Blog.


This time I tried to warp my skull around Sullivan's Travels.
I'd say "wrap", but I didn't want to go into so much details as to offend anyone in its cult. 

Open the door, get on the floor.

Shadow of a Dinosaur....
No not Dick Cheney....

Make sure google gives you the sattelite view.  :)

Latex Fashion School in LA on June 24th

Polly brings her Latex fashion magic to LA, June 24th.
She is the Master. I have been going gaga over her stuff for years.

Even in the midst of this most irksome recession I see people doing things they love.
Perhaps they do it in spite of the trends, or even because of them.
I see good art and hear good music being made.
Real artists continue to search for and find their voice and amuse themselves accordingly.
Patronage becomes more important, and somewhat less important now that there is a digital format for distribution of things and a dissemination medium for ideas.

There is a lot of potential out there for the concept of the micro-purchase.
Currently things like Second Life generally pay for themselves for a lot of doers and makers.
But not much more unless the business is broadened and well known.

I see folks expanding into digital media to distribute their music and see that it is ephemeral but that the stake knocked into the ground by Apple at a penny under a dollar a song is holding.
Is that just a line in the sand or is it really what the market will bear?

As an artist of sorts it is interesting to see where the line is where people will or will not buy something. I have had freak purchasers where they had to have something I did...mainly because it was a decorative item. Nothing as ephemeral as "art".
Perhaps we should just throw out "art" as a term.
Maybe I should just be a decorator, when it comes to making things to sell.
What do you folks think?
I mean, those that do.

This weekend past was a goodie.

Aside from minor issues we spent time with Sea Lions, Planets, Family, Friends, Monsters and art.
Good Show peoples. It kinda makes life worth living. :)
Now to exercise. :)

Apr. 12th, 2009

Why is it that some people can't live without drama in their lives?
Why is it that addled people can get away with murder?
Or at least think they are clever enough to?
It is making me sick....really it is.